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    Google Adwords serve best in business advertising purpose, but it isn’t sufficient to bind your business marketing strategy with AdWords only, for significant business leverage it is crucial to run more than one advertising campaign. Bing advertising is playing a vital role in boosting marketing and also improving business’s niche among potential customers. PPC Marketing Agencies in Faisalabad are promoting Bing Ads services for their clients in an affordable budget.

    Bing offers a wide variety of extensions to enhance your PPC ad visibility and facilitate in strengthening connections with potential customers. Site link extensions help visitors in building a spontaneous connection with the exact information or product they are searching for. Location extensions make it easier to build connections with local consumers.  An active location extension of your campaign will enable the ad to display contact information, including your business address.

    Let’s explore Bing Ads advantages to run an efficient business marketing campaign:

    Benefits of Bing Ads


    Bing Ads reach millions of users on the Yahoo/Bing network, which means that you are missing millions of potential customers by using Adwords only, it is the need of the hour to run your advertising campaign on Bing as well. Faisalabad Marketing Agencies list and implement the bright key points of Bing Advertisement for a successful marketing campaign.

    Bing Ads help you in following ways:

    • Easy Process Setup

    Bing Ads facilitates their user and allow them to run all the crucial campaigns directly from AdWords with the help of adCenter desktop tool, you just need to provide your AdWords credentials and simply follow the steps outlined in the tool. Pay per click service in Faisalabad provides complete set up for adCenter to their valued clients.

    • Cost-effective

    Thanks to cheaper cost per clicks (CPC), it facilitates users to enjoy the cheap clicks as the rate is 59% lower in Bing Ads as compared to AdWords. With cheaper bids, you can afford more clicks which directly leads to high traffic and boosts conversation rate.

    • Bing’s Display Network

    With a Bing display network, you can run your advertising campaign on Yahoo and on Microsoft display as well, Microsoft display has a feature called “ performance offering” that can be easily purchased by the advertiser on cost per click basis, not on a cost per impression.

    • Bing’s Universal Tracking Event platform

    Having robust tracking is a blessing, especially when you are doing digital marketing, no need to put efforts just like  in manual tracking and analysis, the only thing you need to set the tool and run it simply, with the  Bing’s UET you’ll get a deep insight into the conversation rate, bounce rate, duration per visit, pages per visit and thus, you can figure out the campaign’s success in seconds.

    About Bing Ads


    Bing Ads are leveraging businesses in new fashion, Ads bring prominent changes in marketing campaigns, they build brand and boost ROI.

    Faisalabad PPC advertising Agency practiced all the detailed Bing features while providing services to our clients.

    Let’s  go through the working of Bing Ads:

    How Bing Ads work?

    Customer Search

    The visitors enter the proper keyword in the search engine.

    Customer See Your Ad

    If the keyword matched with your ad during the search, then visitors can see your advertisement.

    Customer Build Contact

    Configure your ad so that customer can easily contact you, visit your website.

    What is Bing Network?

    Bing Network is simply user’s part of life includes, powering the device, apps and the sites they use every day. Bing Network of Bing and partner sites connected via Windows 10, Cortana and office and across third party platforms and partnerships. Amazon devices, Web results for SIRI and spotlight search on Apple are connected with it.

    Where Bing Ad appear?

    Your ads appear on the top or the right side of Bing, Yahoo and MSN search results, you can schedule your ads on daily and weekly basis and even on demographic level.